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 FILM SERIES   Jan 3 - Apr 17 (Select Wednesdays)
Molokai Public Library


For more information about dates and films please see descriptions below.  Some films may not be appropriate for children. 

Viewer discretion is advised.


Join us to learn the history of what has led to the current conflict in Palestine/Israel, through film. Included will be full-length dramas, documentaries, and animated shorts. In partnership with and sponsored by Seed of Love Hawaii, Veterans for Peace Hawaii Chapter-113, Jewish Voice for Peace Hawaii and the Kahn Family Fund.


WEEK 1: Wednesday January 3rd 2024

Jewish Voice for Peace: Israeli Palestinian conflict explained                                                             Short Animation     (6 min 27 sec)

An animated introduction Israel and Palestine. Easy to understand, historically accurate Jewish Voice for Peace mini- primer about why Israelis and Palestinians are fighting, why the US-backed peace process has been an impediment to peace, and what you can do to make a difference. This conflict is essentially about land and human rights, not religion and culture. Endorsed by Palestinian, Israeli and American scholars and peace activists.

“Jerusalem” Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown: Season 2, Episode 1         CNN Travel show (43 minutes)

In the 2013 season premiere of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, the host and crew make their first trip to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza

WEEK 2: Wednesday January 17th 2024

The Present                                                                                                              Short Film/Drama 2020 (24 minutes)

On his wedding anniversary, Yusef and his young daughter set out in the West Bank to buy his wife a gift. Between soldiers, segregated roads and checkpoints, how easy would it be to go shopping?

The Stones Cry Out -Voices of the Palestinian Christians                             Documentary 2013 (55 minutes) 

In 1948, tens of thousands of Palestinian villagers were driven from their homes in what was officially dubbed “Operation Broom”, intended to literally sweep tens of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in the fertile hills and valleys of the Galilee, and make way for settlers in the newly created state of Israel.

WEEK 3: Wednesday January 31st 2024

Israelism                                                                                                        Documentary 2023 (1 hour 24 minutes)

When two young American Jews raised to unconditionally love Israel witness the brutal way Israel treats Palestinians, their lives take sharp left turns. They join a movement of young American Jews battling the old guard to redefine Judaism’s relationship with Israel, revealing a deepening generational divide over modern Jewish identity

WEEK 4: Wednesday February 7th 2024

Gaza Mon Amour                                                                                            Romance/Drama  (1 hour 27 minutes)

Gaza, today. Sixty-year-old fisherman Issa is secretly in love with Siham, a woman who works at the market with her daughter Leila. When he discovers an ancient statue in his fishing nets, Issa hides it, not knowing what to do with this mysterious treasure. Yet deep inside, he feels that this discovery will change his life forever. Strangely, his confidence starts to grow and eventually he decides to approach Siham.

WEEK 5: Wednesday February 21st 2024

Born in Gaza                                                                                                        Documentary 2014 ( 1 hour 5 minutes)

A poetic, visually stunning tribute to the children who work, play, dream and survive in the world's largest open-air prison. Filmed during the 2014 siege of Gaza, which left 507 children dead and 3,598 wounded, 'Born in Gaza' follows a group of young children growing up in a war zone.

WEEK 6: Wednesday March 6th 2024

5 Broken Cameras                                                                                   Documentary 2011 (1 hour 34 minutes)

Emad, who lives in the Palestinian village of Bil’in, buys his first camera when his son Gibreel is born, and puts it to use beyond creating family memories. When the government attempts to build a barrier across villagers’ lands, Emad films the resistance and is caught up in a storm of arrests and night raids. One camera after another is shot or smashed. And with each camera, a new chapter of Emad’s story unfolds.

WEEK 7: Wednesday March 20th 2024

Gaza Surf Club                                                                                             Documentary 2016  (1 hour 27 minutes)

Trapped in "the world's largest open-air prison" and ruled by war, a new generation is drawn to the beaches. Sick of occupation and political gridlock, they find their own personal freedom in the waves of the Mediterranean - they are the surfers of Gaza. One of the surfers featured, Ibrahim, travels to Hawaii hoping to find the inspiration and resources necessary to create a surfing club.

WEEK 8: Wednesday April 3rd 2024

*Youth Film Night*

I Am From Palestine                                                                                                       Short Animation (5 min 34 sec)

Award-winning children’s animation about the Palestinian-American experience in K-12 schools.

As Saamidah, a young Palestinian-American girl, anxiously starts her first day of school, she finds her identity in question when faced with a world map that doesn't include her homeland.

Flying Paper  (PG-13)                                                                                                     Documentary 2014 (51 minutes)

An uplifting story of Palestinian youth in the Gaza Strip on a quest to shatter the Guinness World Record for the most kites ever flown. A film co-produced with young filmmakers in Gaza.


WEEK 9: Wednesday April 17th 2024

Farha                                                                                                              Historical drama   (1 hour 32 minutes)                       

An historical account of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe). About a teenage Palestinian girl wanting to further her education. Unfortunately, armed troops enter her and other villages and threaten to kill them unless they leave. This is the story of how a brutal and inhumane occupation started and is today, still happening.


Sponsored by:

Seed of Love Hawaii

Veterans for Peace Hawaii Chapter-113

Jewish Voice for Peace Hawaii

Kahn Family Fund

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