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Meet the Animals

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Molokai Axis Deer 


A few weeks before Clover came to our family, we had discussed what we might do should we have the opportunity to adopt a deer. As fate would have it, at SOL's open house on the Spring Equinox of 2022, Clover was seen wandering the property alone.

The next morning we could see she was an abandoned fawn, hungry and lost. After being pulled from deep within the muddy mangroves at the Kalokoʻeli Fishpond, it took a few anxious weeks to nurse her back to health. 

Clover, as a sensitive and shy as she appears, is sweet, inquisitive and even smiles when sheʻs happy.

She was raised alongside Hunny Girl, the chicken and Pomaika'i the goat in and around the house before moving in with the donkeys. The three of them and Malu who came to us later are the funkiest crew.

More coming soon!

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