Adoption Success Stories

The months of April and May have been very heartwarming for some of our long term foster dogs and cats. After waiting very patiently they found their forever families. Here are some of their stories...

Chili came to Seed of Love around November 2018 and stayed on the farm with us almost 6 months. He was full of energy and was always ready to play with dogs, cats, and especially people. He loved nothing more than to sit directly next to a human and cuddle. Lucky for him, the Malmgren Family was looking for a dog to complete their family and he was the perfect fit. Great with kids and a perfect couch buddy, Chili has really made himself at home with this great family. Thank you Malmgrens for giving Chili a chance and allowing him to be a part of your 'Ohana.

Pepper arrived to SOL at the same time as Chili last November. While we thought Pepper, being a Blue Healer and a very intelligent dog, would be adopted immediately, it took a while for his human to find him. After being with us almost 5 months, Pepper showed us how loyal, smart, and energetic he was. Unfortunately he loved ducks, chickens and cats a little too much, so he couldn't have as much freedom as we hoped. One day, Franconia, who was visiting Molokai, asked if we had a dog that she could potentially take around with her as a companion for a week, and Pepper was the perfect match, and so began our "borrow-a-dog" program! These two hit it off, and not only did one week turn into a month, but Franconia decided that Pepper was too special to give up. She made all the arrangements and took Pepper back to New Hampshire with her, and is giving him the life he always wanted. Mahalo!

Simon and Garfunkel had been at Seed of Love about three months. We always thought with demand for small dogs so high, that they would find homes fast. But once again, it took time and the perfect fit to come along, and we are so very thankful to Patty Ann Ellis and 'Ohana for rescuing these cuddly loving dogs. Because of their size and our need to keep them protected from our big dogs, they were more isolated, and this was tough. All these energetic dogs longed for was to be held. Finally their dreams came true. Patty and Sean fell in love with them instantly, and from the moment they were in their arms, they never came back down. They are enjoying cooler breezes out on the east end and a family that gives them all the love they need. Thank you for adopting them!

When the Epperson Family contacted us last month, looking for a cat to help catch mice around their place, we were thrilled to share that 15 cats had just arrived to the farm in need of homes! We were able to give them a healthy, neutered cat to not only help catch mice, but in hopes he would also be a friendly greeter. They have said, he adjusted to his new surroundings, and while on the shy side, he has claimed their property as his home. The Eppersons hope to adopt another cat into their family, and we look forward to finding a great fit for them. Thank you for giving these cats love and safety.

We are so grateful to all the families and friends that have supported these foster animals, to allow them the chance and the time to find their forever homes. The donations and resources that Seed of Love receives makes this possible. We look forward to sharing more success stories later this summer!